Swimming Lessons – Stage 4

Criteria for acceptance into stage 4
Children must be of school age to be eligible to take part in this class.
Children must able to travel the length of the pool on front and back confidently.
Children will be swimming lengths of the pool (14.75m) in this class so the children must be able to stand in the deep end. (1m deep).

Stage 4 objectives
In Stage 4 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework, swimmers will focus on refining kicking techniques for all four strokes and develop a better understanding of buoyancy.
In order to pass this stage and move onto the next stage your child will have to be able to demonstrate that they can do the following consistently:

  • To confidently swim 10m on front and back
  • To kick 10m front crawl
  • To kick 10m breast stroke
  • To scull for 5m
  • To perform a sequence of changing shapes