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Parent and Baby Classes 0 – 18 Months


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11 week course

Adult and Baby swimming classes are the ideal way to start to learn to swim. This class is for babies up to 18 months old. Adults will be expected to be in the water with their child. There will always be a swimming teacher in the pool with the children and a lifesaver poolside.

This course is ideal for gaining water confidence for both adult and children – we will teach you how to support your baby safely in the water and show you how to encourage pre- swimming activities.

With plenty of singing and splashing the children will have fun, gain confidence in the water and start to learn the skills they will need to learn to swim independently such as floating, kicking, blowing bubbles and reaching for objects in the water.

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Sundays 12th May – 28th July


9.00am – 9.30am