Summer Fun Swims


The cost for each of these sessions is £2.50 per person.

There is a maximum of 20 users per session.

All children aged 11 and under are welcome. Come and have some fun!

On duty at every session we have at least one qualified lifesaver plus a helper. On most sessions we strive to have 2 lifesavers but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Entry is at the lifesavers discretion and so numbers of swimmers and non swimmers may need to vary at each session. Our main aim is to keep all the children safe and allow them to have fun. (please see admission policy)

The helper at each session is there to assist the lifesaver and sell snacks and drinks after the fun swim is finished so don’t forget your pennies!

Volunteers ALWAYS welcomed and ENCOURAGED!

If you’d like to join our merry team of wonderful volunteers please contact us.

The more helpers we have the more times we can open and be available for the community. We’d love to have you!


Due to changes in legislation it is now necessary for all pool users to sign a disclaimer before being allowed to swim in the pool. No one will be permitted to swim without a disclaimer.  Forms will be available to fill in at the pool but it will be quicker and more environmentally friendly to complete the form online prior to your visit.

One form per person is required but you only have to do it once!